Sensual Dance Classes

Sensual Dance Cost: $200
5 week series, class meets once a week for 1 hour.

Every woman has an inner desire to dance. Become that exotic dancer that takes your partner's breath away. Sensual Dance is the foundation for all exotic dances. Sensual Dance is about reaching inside yourself to find your inner beauty and grace and expressing it through dance. It is a beautiful way to soften your life and add a sexy spark to your relationship. Each class starts with stretches that relax your mind and warm up your body. Then you will learn an exotic dance that is yours to share with your partner or to enjoy for yourself. It is a beautiful way to fall in love with yourself and build your self-confidence. We have 7 different Level One dances to choose from, or learn them all! We suggest you start with Sensual Dance. It will help you become a better Pole Dancer and Lap Dancer. Not required, but recommended.

Advanced Sensual Dance Cost: $160
4 week series, class meets once a week for 1 hour.

Advanced Sensual Dance is for dancers who have taken a few sensual or pole dance series and would like to take their sensual dance to the next level. We will gracefully incorporate a few fun tricks into our dance, such as splits work, rolls, body waves, or even floor inversions. If you don't consider yourself advanced yet, don't worry. We will work on getting you there!

(We often are asked, 'Is this class a good workout?' All of our dance classes are movement classes which will help you tone your body and improve your posture. What a fun, sexy way to workout.)